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What Age is Old Enough for Bounce Houses?

If you’ve been a parent for a while, or had a neighbor who is a parent, you’ve likely seen bounce houses in their backyard.  Bounce houses have become more and more popular as an option for birthday parties and events for little kids.  They even have options for adults such as larger obstacle courses.

However the main question many parents have, especially of young kids, is whether these are safe for kids and at what age?

Can toddlers have fun in these “bounce castles”? What about 5 year olds?

It turns out the answer depends on the bounce house itself.  We called up Dave, he’s the owner of a bounce house rental business in New Jersey, and he gave us the breakdown…

“Most of our bounce houses are for ages 3 and up.  We cater mostly to kids birthday parties, so this is the most common age bracket.  However there are some that have climbing walls, slides, and obstacle courses that shouldn’t be used by kids unless they are 5 and up.  And there are even some bigger ones, which we don’t stock, that are for ages 8 and up.”

He continues:

“We always check first to see the age range of the kids.  However you’re local rental company might not, so its important to check.  Hopefully they’ll have the info right on their website, but if they don’t, call them up and ask”.

So there you go.  While it will depend on the size and features of the bounce house, most bounce houses are rated for ages 3 and up.