Plumber Salary NYC – What You Need To Know About Becoming A Plumber In New York

Have you always wanted to be a plumber in New York? Are you wondering how much a plumber earns in New York? Well, here is what you need to know about becoming a plumber in NYC and your expected salary. Note that, you must have a license to be a professional plumber in New York. The industry regulations are strictly enforced in NYC.

Plumbing Licenses Available In NYC

As a plumber in NYC, you can only offer services with a:

• Journeyman plumber license

• Master plumber license

As a plumber in NYC, you are required to register with the Secretary of State in NYC. Note that, the licenses are regulated by a local authority. Here’s what you need to know about both licenses.

1. Journeyman License

To get this license you must meet the following requirements.

• Have 2 years of apprenticeship experience under a fully licensed master plumber.

• Be at least 18 years old.

• Have a GED or high school diploma.

• Have your own plumbing tools.

• Speak, read and write English fluently.

• Provide the local licensing board with a copy of your work history.

• Provide a completed and notarized affidavit from the master plumber.

• Pay the application fee of $50 to $100 depending on the licensing board in question.

You will still continue working under the master plumber.

2. Master Plumber License

To get the master plumber license, you must meet the following requirements.

• You must be at least 18 years of age.

• Have a GED or high school diploma.

• Fluent in writing and speaking English.

• At least 7 years of minimum experience working with a master plumber for a period of 10 years.

• Must have 2 years of working experience as a journeyman plumber.

• Pass the master plumber licensing test.

With the master plumber license, you can perform various services. Even better, you are not mandated to work under the supervision of another plumber.

What’s A Plumber’s Salary In NYC?

Well, if you are passionate about becoming a plumber, you should know that in NYC, plumbers are always in demand, and a plumber salary in NYC is a healthy living. Whether for commercial or residential services, you can always get a job to do and earn your money. In New York, an apprentice plumber earns about $16 per hour while a journeyman plumber earns $26.19 per hour. As a master plumber, you can expect to earn $43.68 per hour. Your career as a plumber in NYC can span over 15 years.

Getting Insurance As A Plumber

Once you have acquired your license, you need to get insurance to offer your services to both residential and commercial clients. Remember, unless you are working for a company that offers plumbing insurance, it’s mandatory for you to apply for an insurance policy as a plumber. In New York, plumbers are required to apply for the following types of insurance.

• $300,000 policy for property damage insurance for every occurrence.

• $100,000 for general liability insurance policy for every occurrence.

Remember, clients will request a copy of your license and insurance for validation purposes so you should always have these ready when consulting with a new client about a prospective plumbing project.